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Star Wars Talking Alarm Clocks

Go back to sleep, you shan’t
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In a galaxy far, far away… Punctuality matters.

It’s important to be on time. No matter if you’re a dashing Corellian smuggler, a lowly droid-repair slave on Tatooine or an Imperial Stormtrooper. Actually, considering Vader’s temper and his penchant for force-air-choking tantrums, it’s especially important if you work for the Empire.

Thankfully everyone in the galaxy can now wake up on time; and not to some new-fangled digital beeping or old school metal clanging either. With the Star Wars Talking Alarm Clocks you can wake up to your favourite catch phrases from three of the most iconic movie characters ever.

Designs available (Watch a quick demo video to hear the awesome sounds):






Get a wake-up call from a certain punctilious, golden protocol droid, a call to arms from the most efficient white-armoured soldiers in the Empire, or just roll out of bed to the dulcet tones of our favourite, unintelligible Wookiee. With individual styling and a durable enamel finish, plus a good sized internal speaker, the force is strong in these clocks.

Go back to sleep you shan’t.

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Please Note:
  • Bell alarm is for style only
Product Features:
  • Traditional style ‘twin-bell’ alarm for that original look
  • Quality enamel finish
  • Star Wars speech sound effects include:
    • C-3PO: "Good Morning", "Here we go again", "Beep blip tweek beep gnerrr bip beeep"
    • Chewbacca: "grrrrfffff", "argggghhhhh"
    • Stormtrooper: "It's them, blast them", "Do you know what's going on?", "Maybe it's another drill?", "Open the blast doors", "Zeeeew, Zeeeeeew, Zeeeeeew"
Battery Requirements:
  • 3x AA batteries – included!
  • Measures approximately 12.7cm(W) x 6.3cm(D) x 17.7cm(H)