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Star Wars Super Deluxe AT-AT
  • Star Wars Super Deluxe AT-AT

Star Wars Super Deluxe AT-AT

Have some of that-at-at

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    Star Wars Super Deluxe AT-AT

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    Darth Vader’s revelation, Boba Fett’s backchat, Mr Bronson off Grange Hill coming out of lightspeed too close to the system…you don’t need Jedi awareness to know that Empire Strikes Back is the greatest Star Wars movie of the lot. What’s more, most experts (ie: us) agree that the lumbering AT-AT Walkers used to pummel Echo Base remain the finest vehicles in the franchise.

    So why not celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back with a Force-judderingly awesome Super Deluxe AT-AT Walker. Standing over 2ft tall, this all-new, highly detailed ground assault vehicle is just as menacing as its filmic counterpart. In fact it’s so realistic you’ll feel like slipping on a black helmet and punishing some Rebel scum the second you see it.

    The grappling hook Moving the head Lights

    Lower the AT-AT Driver down

    Twist the guns to turn the head

    Lights at the controls

    Star Wars Super Deluxe AT-AT

    Over 2ft tall!

    Capable of accommodating over 20 Star Wars figures, 6 of which can fit in its head alone, the colossal AT-AT (All Terrain Armoured Transport) features various lights, sirens, battle sound effects and voice clips from the movie.

    But wait, there’s more: it also boasts a retractable speeder bike, auto-winding grappling hook, various compartments, launchable projectiles, flashing blasters, a movable head and fully articulated legs for stomping on inconsequential British character actors. We’ll even throw in an AT-AT driver figure. Impressive, most impressive.

    Retractable speed bike Sound buttons Guns

    Get the Retractable speeder bike out

    Sound effects!

    Fire your guns!

    Star Wars Super Deluxe AT-AT

    20 figures will fit inside

    Armed with the Super Deluxe AT-AT Walker and a few additional figures re-enacting the destruction of Rogue Squadron has never been easier. Turn off the central heating and you could be on Hoth.

    A truly amazing gift for the Star Wars nut with (almost) everything, this feature packed behemoth is destined to sell out before you can say ‘And I thought they smelled bad on the outside’. So get ordering or we’ll tell Lord Vader you’ve failed him again.

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