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Star Wars Retro Bag
  • Star Wars Retro Bag

Star Wars Retro Bag

The Force is hip with this one

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    Iconic artwork on the bag

    Iconic artwork

    A long time ago, in countless schools well within our galaxy (admit it, you thought we were going to say ‘in a galaxy far, far away’) nerdy kids stuffed homework and photos of Kate Bush in no-nonsense rectangular shoulder bags. Fast-forward a few decades and said bags were reappropriated by Hoxton hipsters to complement their skinny jeans and retro trainers.

    But now you can go one further with the ultra-stylish Star Wars Retro Bag. Fashioned from genuine Bantha pelt (probably) this ever-so-slightly ironic receptacle is adorned with the iconic poster artwork from the original movie (which we refuse to call ‘A New Hope’ because George Lucas only started calling it that when he decided to reverse-engineer the entire franchise).

    We digress. The point is trendy kids and stylish Star Wars fans will look just peachy carrying this eye-catching tribute to the greatest sci-fi movie (apart from Empire…) in history. Use it to carry Death Star schematics, pictures of Carrie Fisher in that gold bikini or government proposals to include Star Wars in the national curriculum. ‘There’ll be no one to stop us this time!’

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