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Star Wars Playing Cards
  • Star Wars Playing Cards

Star Wars Playing Cards

Never tell me the odds!

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    Good looking hand

    A very good looking hand!

    Many mysteries surround the Star Wars universe: Why couldn’t Obi-Wan remember owning any droids? Who polished Vader’s helmet in between Star Wars and Empire? Whose idea was Jar Jar Binks? But surely the greatest mystery of all is why it’s taken this long for Star Wars Playing Cards to appear.

    Officially licensed by LucasFilm, these are the playing cards you’re looking for. With three different decks to collect you’ll be in Star Wars heaven before you can say ‘de Jabba dee wanna wonga’.

    Four packs

    Three packs available (from left to right): Posters, The Ladies of Star Wars, Heroes and Villains

    Ladies of Star Wars
    Now you’re talking! 55 cards featuring the rarely glimpsed ladies of Star Wars, from Oola the Twi’lek dancer to Padme Amidala. And yes, all the hearts are Princess Leia in different get-ups. ‘You said it, sister!’

    Some of our favourite cards

    There are women to suit everyone's personal tastes in The Ladies of Star Wars deck

    Featuring the lavish artwork from 55 Star Wars movie posters from around the world, this is every gin rummy-playing sci-fi buff’s dream!

    Some of our favourite cards

    Very cool and interesting Star Wars movie posters from around the world in the Posters deck

    Heroes and Villains
    Featuring 55 characters from the Star Wars universe, from Wicket and Darth Maul to Han Solo and General Grievous, this star-studded deck is the ideal way to remind yourself just how many iconic characters the franchise produced. Ooh, Darth Maul!

    Some of our favourite cards

    55 of the most famous characters from the series in the Heroes and Villains deck

    Brilliant for collectors and card lovers alike, the characters and scenes depicted on Star Wars Playing Cards make regular decks seem decidedly dull. Maintain a decent poker face when you’re holding the Slave Leia queen of hearts and your skills really will be complete. Talking of gambling, the odds of you not loving these cards are approximately 3720 to 1. Buy or buy not. There is no try.

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