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Star Wars Phone Spinners
  • Star Wars Phone Spinners

Star Wars Phone Spinners

I have felt it, my master

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    Star Wars Phone Flashers

    Lights up and spins when you get a call or sms!

    If you thought Darth Vader and co were constantly sensing stuff thanks to the power of the Force, you'd be gravely mistaken. They had Star Wars Phone Flashers dangling from their belts.

    Just like MoPods, these clever little charms flash and spin the parsec a call or text comes in. The difference is, these transparent domes come all the way from the Star Wars universe and contain Darth Vader or a Stormtrooper. Well okay, they contain their helmets (no laughing at the back). But when your headgear is this imperially intimidating, who cares about piffling things like arms and legs.

    Star Wars Phone Flashers

    Attach it to your phone

    Star Wars Phone Flashers

    The Force is strong with
    this one

    It goes without saying that Star Wars Phone Flashers come in handy when you're drinking in a noisy hive of scum and villainy, partying on a clattering sand barge or fleeing from an exploding Death Star, but they also make brilliant desktop/work companions, especially if your phone is in silent mode.

    You don't need an Artoo unit or even a brain like Yoda to set up these evil-looking companions; simply attach one to your bag, belt, pretzel hairdo or billowing cape and you'll never miss a call from Palpatine or a text from Count Dooku again.

    Star Wars Phone Flashers

    Smallest Trooper in the galaxy!

    If you're worried about the undeniably high geek-factor of these sci-fi flashers, consider this: dangling a seemingly telepathic space helmet from your person is infinitely cooler than wearing one of those Lt. Uhura-style Bluetooth headsets favoured by middle-management morons. Nuff said.

    Only now at the end do you understand that Star Wars Phone Flashers are seriously practical. And you can't say that about the average geektastic thingamabob. So hurry up and get ordering before our entire shipment gets wiped out by Rebel scum.

    Star Wars Phone Flashers

    Receive both Darth Vader and Storm Trooper

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