Star Wars Mr. Potato Head
  • Star Wars Mr. Potato Head

Star Wars Mr. Potato Head

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    What lies beneath the mask...

    'A long time ago in a greengrocers far, far away...' Yes, we know that sounds daft, but everything about the Star Wars Mr. Potato Head is splendidly silly. Besides, it's not often a Sith Lord gets mixed up with a jovial root vegetable.

    But that's exactly what's happened, because the legendary Mr. Potato Head has undergone a startling shift to the Dark Side. This potty plastic potato comes with a whole heap of Vader-esque accoutrements including glossy black arms and legs, a lightsaber, a cape and of course, that iconic helmet - perfect for crushing any rebel uprising in your vegetable drawer.

    Star Wars Mr. Potato Head

    All the parts to build Darth Tater

    Rearranging the features of this mashable menace is far more amusing than playing with a regular Mr Potato Head. And adding potato-based slants to your favourite Star Wars quotes has never been such fun (well, it's never been done at all). "Perhaps you think you are being heated unfairly? Good, it would be unfortunate if I had to leave a microwave here!' Or what about "TK421, why aren't you at your roast?" The possibilities are truly, er, limited.

    We realise merging a lovable spud with an iconic movie baddie is a bit like dressing Wee Jimmy Krankie as a fire hydrant, but that's exactly why we love this Darth Vegetable. Best of all you won't have to travel to the other side of Endor to buy one. He's here on Fireboxooine right now. May the (tomato) sauce be with you. Always.

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