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Star Wars Mints
  • Star Wars Mints

Star Wars Mints

Many Bothans died to bring us these mints

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    Close up of the Darth Vader mints

    Impressive mints!

    If your mouth tastes like a bulls-eyed womp rat and your nearest toothbrush is in a bathroom cabinet far, far away; then you need Star Wars Mints! These delicious candies come in nifty little tins featuring iconic characters from the Star Wars Universe (as well as a planet-obliterating space station). Choose from a Darth Vader and Storm Trooper combo, or R2-D2 and the Death Star. Each one has its own specially-shaped mints inside.

    Small enough to pop in your bag or purse, these handy sweets are great if you suddenly feel like you’ve been gargling Dagobah swamp water. But they’re more than just breath mints. These nibblesome little nuggets also make a great treat, or gift to the Star Wars fan in your life. Grab a pair of these tins today... it is your destiny.
    All four Star Wars Mints available

    Star Wars Mints available (L-R): Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Death Star and R2-D2

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