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Star Wars Mimobots
  • Star Wars Mimobots

Star Wars Mimobots

These are the memory sticks you're looking for!

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    Star Wars Mimobots

    New: C-3PO

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, some Yoda-brained boffin created a few USB memory sticks resembling some of the greatest heroes and villains in the classic Star Wars universe. And now, thanks to our intrepid product scouts, these limited edition gadgets are here on Fireboxooine.

    Star Wars Mimobots are ultra-cool, highly collectable little gizmos that make rival storage solutions look about as impressive as Hayden Christensen's acting. Standing just over 2" tall, these cutesy characters are as eye-catching as they are functional.

    Remove the Stormtrooper's helmet to reveal his physog, there is a 50/50 chance that the face is either that of Luke or Han in disguise, from Episode IV!
    Stormtrooper Jawa R2-D2 Obi Wan Kenobi Darth Vader

    50/50 chance it's Luke or Han (Limited Edition)



    Obi Wan Kenobi

    New: Darth Vader

    Star Wars Mimobots wallpaper

    Cool desktop wallpapers,
    icons and more included!

    2GB in capacity, Star Wars Mimobots are ideal for storing, safeguarding and transporting all kinds of data - from Death Star plans and rebel base schematics to more mundane things such as spreadsheets, music files and photos of Princess Leia in that golden metal bikini. Rrrrr! Simply pop one in the nearest USB port (Mac or PC) and drag and drop your files.

    Most impressive? You'd better believe it because each Mimobot is also preloaded with a few nuggets of exclusive Star Wars content (wallpapers, avatars, videos and soundbites) that can be erased or transferred for posterity/disk space. These are the memory sticks you're looking for!

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