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Star Wars Limited Edition Cases for iPhone 5

We find your lack of case disturbing

Product not available at the moment.
  • Made with George Lucas’s Walt Disney’s official approval
  • Easy assembly (you won’t need to use the Force)
  • Choose from Chewie (with fur), Vader, R2 or C3PO
Star Wars has taught us so much. That it’s totally normal to count 456… 321, that in space, it’s OK to kiss your sister and that if you want a promotion, just stand next to the guy getting force-choked.

But with the franchise heading in (hopefully) exciting and unknown directions, who knows what will happen? Better get your Limited Edition Star Wars Cases for iPhone 5 now, before Disney does something crazy… like randomly introducing a hugely annoying Gungan character.

Cleverly designed to remind you of your favourite characters (aka there’s no Jar-Jar), each case is sleek and sturdy, and available for a limited time only.

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