Star Wars Lightsaber Torch
  • Star Wars Lightsaber Torch

Star Wars Lightsaber Torch

May the torch be with you

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    Illuminating... most illuminating!

    When Anakin Skywalker forgets to pay the leccy bill, how do you think he finds his girly glue-on pony tail? No, not by using the Force, fumbling around in the dark or lighting up the room with his *ahem* acting skills. He switches on his Lightsaber Torch.

    Not as clumsy or random as a Halfords job, this elegant torch for a more civilized age is a full-sized replica of young Skywalker's trusty weapon of choice. It even makes that trademark 'pshwooohhh' noise when you turn it on and off. Impressive, most impressive.

    Of course it goes without saying that battling the Dark Side with a piddly white glow would be a bit rubbish, so the magnificent Lightsaber Torch emits a suitably Jedi-ish blue light from its ultra bright LEDs. Scrabbling around for the fuse box has never been so exciting. You can even don a browning cement sack and pretend you're fighting Count Dooku as you negotiate your cellar's asteroid field of rusty paint pots and bent bicycle wheels. If you want.


    Vader version - light up the Dark Side!

    An ideal gift for any Star Wars fan in need of illumination, the Lightsaber Torch is guaranteed to get your pulse racing the par-sec you pick it up, even if you're only trying to find the zip on your sleeping bag. Weapon of choice? Just a bit. And because no Jedi should ever be seen searching for strange power converters in the supermarket, your good friends here on Fireboxooine will chuck in three AAA batteries.

    Still not hit the Buy button? We find your lack of faith disturbing. Hokey torches and ancient candles are no match for a good lightsaber at your side. Besides, who can resist owning a vhzzhhing, wuhmming torch resembling the greatest weapon in the sci-fi universe? It is is your destiny!

    Luke... Luke... Use the torch Luke

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