Star Wars Life-size Cut-Outs
  • Star Wars Life-size Cut-Outs

Star Wars Life-size Cut-Outs

The cardboard is strong in this one

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    AT-AT Star Wars Lifesize Cut-Outs

    AT-AT sight seeing

    Shift some space goods with a dashing (albeit, stationary) Corellian smuggler, practice your Force choke-holds with a certain disgruntled dad or let a shiny gold droid nag you about galactic etiquette.

    Each Star Wars Life-size Cut-Out is printed in high resolution to ensure your favourite characters are absolutely accurate… assuming Mr Lucas doesn’t decide to retroactively change anything else. After all, Han shot first.

    Mike kissing Leia

    Geek gets the girl (sort of)

    Free-standing but easily folded, each cut-out is totally portable and can be setup quickly if you need a giant armoured vehicle or a little someone to fix your holographic projector.

    These are the cardboard cut-outs you’ve been looking for.

    The Gang:
    All the Star Wars Lifesize Cut-Outs

    L-R: AT-AT, C-3PO, R2-D2, Darth Vader, Han Solo, Princess Leia Slave and Yoda

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