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Star Wars LEGO Exclusive Rebel Snowspeeder
  • Star Wars LEGO Exclusive Rebel Snowspeeder

Star Wars LEGO Exclusive Rebel Snowspeeder

'Lego' of your hatred and feel the Force!

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    Lego Rebel Snowspeeder Apart from the obvious 'I am your father' shocker, The Empire Strikes Back was full of juicy surprises. Who'd have thought that Darth Vader's helmet would suddenly become glossy; that Mr Bronson off Grange Hill would turn up as Admiral Ozzel; or that Han Solo would get off with Princess Leia?

    Although not half as salacious, one of the biggest revelations in this superior sequel was the fact that the Rebel Alliance was holed up on the ice planet of Hoth. Snow and space movies don't usually go together, but Empire managed to meld the two with spectacular aplomb.

    Lego Rebel Snowspeeder Experts (okay, we) believe this was due, in no small part, to the ultra-cool weaponry used in the battle for Echo Base. And no, we're not talking about the lumbering AT-ATs; we're talking about the rugged Snowspeeders flown by Luke, Wedge, Janson and the rest of Rogue Group.

    Lego Rebel Snowspeeder And now you can create your very own detailed model of this amazing craft, with the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Snowspeeder. Okay, so you have to put it together yourself, but that's the whole point of LEGO. Besides, it's far more satisfying admiring (okay, waving around and making stupid noises with) a Snowspeeder you've constructed with your very own hands. Plus, LEGO's lovingly-fashioned Star Wars range is rapidly becoming a cult in its own right.

    Lego Rebel Snowspeeder This converted T-47 Airspeeder (anoraks, us?) features two wing-mounted laser cannons, a rear harpoon cannon (just like the one Janson lassoed the Imperial Walkers with) and a two-man cockpit with moving controls and a hinged canopy. Indeed, this rebel-tastic rocket is so realistic you might feel like jumping onboard and taking it for a spin! (Or getting out of the house a bit more).

    Lego Rebel Snowspeeder

    Lego Rebel Snowspeeder As if all this attention to detail were not enough, the beautifully-built LEGO Snowspeeder even includes a special display stand and a smart collector's card detailing the ship's spec. You don't need Jedi awareness to know that anything from the Star Wars universe is seriously collectable, and the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Snowspeeder is no exception. We've said it before and we'll say it again: there is no try, buy or buy not!

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