Star Wars Hero Vehicle Bluetooth Speakers

Pump up the (Rebel) Bass

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  • Blasts your sounds with serious Force
  • Millennium Falcon, Star Destroyer and Star Fighter Bluetooth speakers
  • Packing powerful 4 watt speakers
  • A whopping 40 foot worth of Bluetooth range
  • Can also answer and end calls via Speakerphone
So, the Force has officially awakened and with it arrives some breathtaking vessels for zipping around the galaxy and blasting your tunes with glorious oomph.

From beyond the rim all the way to the galactic core, hop aboard, you're about to embark on an epic musical journey. Buckle the hell up.

What these spacecrafts lack in massive firepower they make up for in wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Packing a stupendously powerful 4 watt speaker and 30 feet of Bluetooth range, these warships knock all other speakers out of the solar system.

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  • "Absolutely brilliant! My boyfriend loved it and the sound quality was brill."
    Mel - 7th of October, 2016