Star Wars Footzeez
  • Star Wars Footzeez

Star Wars Footzeez

Even bad guys need a cuddle

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    We know what you’re thinking – where on earth did we find these? Well, having ‘super deformed’ all sorts of screen stars, the makers of Star Wars Footzeez have now turned their attention to a galaxy far, far away. And we’re sorry to say that even Darth Vader has been given the cutesy treatment. Look, he’s even waving.

    Darth Vader doesn’t wave! Alright, he does... but it’s only to choke people with the Force. That said, he does look pretty loveable with his plush buttons. Ah heck, who are we kidding? We love these little cuddly guys!


    Adorable Darth


    Huggable Yoda


    Cuddly Chewie

    Choose from Yoda, Chewie or the Dark Lord of the Sith himself. Each one is made from 100% recycled fleece material and has a weighted beanbag base, so they’ll even stand up. Yes... your thoughts betray you. Your feelings for them are strong. Go on, give ‘em a cuddle!

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