Star Wars Electronic Helmet
  • Star Wars Electronic Helmet

Star Wars Electronic Helmet

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    Why is it always the baddies who hide their faces with helmets? Because they don’t want us to know what they’re up to, that’s why. They could be pulling all sorts of faces and we’d never know.

    Well now you can get your own back with this high-tech range of helmets from the Dark Side of the Star Wars Universe. Slip on a Star Wars Electronic Helmet and activate each one’s unique phrases and sound effects.

    Grievous Helmet Darth Helmet on model Clone Trooper Helmet

    General Grievous

    Darth Vader

    Clone Trooper

    Ever wondered what it was like to be a Dark Lord of the Sith, the leader of a Droid Army, or a humble Clone Trooper? Well now you can! Give your friends the heebie jeebies with Darth Vader’s iconic breathing noise; menace your colleagues with General Grievous’ sinister soundbites; or just go around making faces at people. There’ll be nothing to stop you this time.

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