Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Lamp
  • Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Lamp

Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Lamp

Destroy the Dark Side

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    Although we never saw it in the movies, Darth Vader must surely have had his own bedroom on the Death Star. And seeing as the evil ol’ wheezer had the baddest outfit in the galaxy we’ll also assume (for the sake of the following few paragraphs) that he had an eye for decent interior design. In fact we’re willing to bet our entire George Lucas shrine that he owned an Awesome Lightsaber Lamp.

    Standing 26’ tall, this ludicrously cool table lamp boasts an eye-catching stem that is an exact replica of the lightsaber used by Lord Vader to slice up a whole heap of rebel scum. We were about to say it’s an elegant lamp for a more civilised age, but when you consider the fact it was used to hack Obi Wan in two and lop off Luke’s hand that seems somewhat inappropriate.


    Perfect addition to your
    Dark Side decor

    detail of handle

    Replica of the lightsaber carried by Darth Vader

    lamp design projected on wall

    Laser cut design projects
    onto the wall

    The Awesome Lightsaber Lamp comes complete with a stylish 12” shade that features laser-cut perforations depicting the emblem of the Galactic Empire. Put this geek-chic lamp on your bedside table and we guarantee you’ll dream of Death Stars, destruction and ruling the galaxy every time you get to grips with its phenomenally realistic stem. That said, waving it about as you wheeze into a paper cup is not recommended.

    Okay, so it can’t cauterise limbs or make that cool phwhooshing noise upon ignition but it’s guaranteed to mark you out as a more sophisticated Star Wars fan. Plus it beats showing potential girlfriends your unboxed action figure collection. So we hear. Go on, defeat the Dark Side with an Awesome Lightsaber Lamp or your failure really will be complete!

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