Alternative Christmas Gifts
Alternative Christmas Gifts

Star Wars Cookbook with Ice Sabers

A frosty weapon, for a more civilized age

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  • Wield (and suckle upon) the greatest weapon of all time
  • Makes 4 delicious Ice Saber popsicles
  • Excavated from the frozen bowels of Hoth
  • Includes a fantastic pun-filled Star Wars recipe book
Lightstabers are the greatest weapon ever conceived. End of story.

Strong slicing action. Ability to deflect all manner of projectiles and blaster bolts. Soothing ambient hum. Thunderous impact crackle. Fantastic range of possible colour choices. Ornate hand-made hilts. Single and double-bladed varieties available. It's the signature ruddy weapon of the Jedi and Sith, what more could you ask for?

Now, as if excavated from the frozen bowels of Hoth itself, we present to you the Star Wars Ice Sabers.

Choose your galactic allegiance, fill the moulds with the appropriate fruit juices and colourants, then get freezing and prepare to wield (and suckle upon) your very own icy rendition of this splendorous space weapon.

However this is only half the story as the kit includes an excellent Star Wars themed recipe book crammed full of pun-heavy recipes that also harness the force of your Freezer. Ewoki Road Sundaes, Ice Cream Clones and Chewie Chocolate Cake Pops – you'll be feasting away like a chubby little Tatooinian crime lord in no time.

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