Star Wars Chubbies
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Star Wars Chubbies

Judge me by my size, do you?

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    Star Wars Chubbies

    Like Russian nesting dolls.

    There are some seriously weird things in the Star Wars universe. From Princess Leia's changing accent and that piano-playing blue elephant on Jabba's sail barge to Mr Bronson off Grange Hill commanding an Imperial Star Destroyer. But nothing could possibly be as weird, or as wonderful, as Star Wars Chubbies.

    These cartoony-looking PVC dolls are set to become the latest must-have collectables for Star Wars fans everywhere. Because as well as depicting iconic characters, these impossibly cute dolls open up to reveal two more figures within. A bit like Russian nesting dolls without the floral headscarves and rosy cheeks.

    Star Wars Chubbies

    Rebel Pilots

    There are two sets of Chubbies on offer and they show the evolution/lineage of their character. For example, The Rebel Pilots reveal the order of rank from X-Wing to Y-Wing to B-Wing. Meanwhile, Princess Leia starts out in disguise as the bounty hunter Boushh before showing her rebel colours and finally the memorable Jabba the Hutt bikini.

    Star Wars Chubbies make most impressive desktop companions. They also serve to illustrate how strong the dark side is and how rubbish George Lucas was at reverse-evolving some of his most iconic characters. Or something like that. The point is these ingenious little dolls are as fascinating and charming as they are revealing.

    Star Wars Chubbies

    Princess Leia

    We guarantee it'll take more than a tremor in the Force to stop you from continually opening them up and putting them back together again. So hurry up and get ordering 'cos stocks are limited. And remember: there is no try, buy or buy not!

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