Star Wars Chop Sabers
  • Star Wars Chop Sabers

Star Wars Chop Sabers

The power of the Fork? Pah!

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    Close up of the Star Wars Chop Sabers


    The Fork will be with you, always. But when it comes to eating noodles, stir fries and sushi you can’t beat chopsticks. So why not inject a dash of geek-chic to your noodle slurping sessions with some Star Wars Chop Sabers. Phwooshhmm!

    Imported from Japan (where else?) and officially licensed by Lucasfilm, these eye-catching, tempura-pinching chopsticks are fashioned to resemble the greatest pretend weapons in the sci-fi universe. Choose from Darth Vader or, for real wasabi-dipping warriors, Darth Maul. You can even link the Darth Maul ones together just in case you need to bayonet a particularly tricky prawn.

    Luke Darth Maul Darth Vader


    Darth Maul

    Darth Vader

    Not as clumsy or random as knives and forks, Chop Sabers are guaranteed to re-awaken your inner Jedi. And although hokey religions and ancient utensils are no match for a good spoon by your side, try telling that to a dinner date who worships at the altar of George Lucas. ‘Join me and together we can eat our sashimi as father and son!’

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    • "Fun little gift-I love how the Darth Maul ones fit together :D."
      Lydia - 20th of July, 2015
    • "Bought these for my friends 15 year old son who loves his chinese food and Star Wars so what could be more suited! He absolutely loved them!"
      Sharon P - 19th of June, 2015