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Star Wars Anakin Lightsaber Umbrella
  • Star Wars Anakin Lightsaber Umbrella

Star Wars Anakin Lightsaber Umbrella

Keep your Jedi dry

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    detailed handle

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    We all watched Anakin Skywalker turn from a bowl-haired poppet with a heart of gold into a hate-fuelled teenage tearaway. But what caused such a dramatic character shift? One word: rain.

    Well think about it; a sudden downpour would be enough to give even the jolliest Jedi the grumps. Imagine if you spent the first half of your life living in a desert. It must be positively soul destroying! It’s no wonder he went off on one.

    Well, in fitting tribute to the man who (eventually) brought balance to the Force, we’ve discovered the Star Wars Anakin Lightsaber Umbrella – an elegant brolly for a more civilised age. Just grasp the iconic lightsaber-shaped handle at the first sign of rain and open the 1.2m diameter canopy (adding your own sound effects if required).

    The 100% black nylon canopy is emblazoned with the emblem for the Jedi Knights. But if that’s not enough to grab the attention of passers-by, the aluminium shaft is anodised a brilliant blue to match Anakin’s pre-Sith weapon. Use it to keep eminently fanciable foreign ambassadors dry; or just wave it around in a Gene Kelly/Jedi-style mashup. Now that’s bound to cheer you up.

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