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Star Wars Adult Bath Robes
  • Star Wars Adult Bath Robes

Star Wars Adult Bath Robes

It is useless to resist

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    Imperial Logo

    The Imperial logo

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the Jedi Council decreed that their default costume should resemble a brown dressing gown. Imperial mischief makers were similarly dippy, opting for the same thing in black. Fast forward (or rewind, or whatever) a few gazillion years and their sartorial stupidity is your good fortune because these high quality bath robes looks just like regulation Jedi/Imperial clobber.

    Possibly the greatest garments in the galaxy, our officially licensed Star Wars Bath Robes are made from soft 100% cotton velour with an embroidered Star Wars/Imperial logo. Featuring large hoods to conceal your straggly ponytail, wide sleeves to conceal your robotic hand and a sash belt to conceal your Jedi weapon (yes, the loofah) these adult size robes are certainly not for younglings. Slip into the Imperial version and you’ll be unable to stop cackling as you make a proper Palpatine of yourself.

    Jedi Logo

    The Jedi logo

    We could go on about the practicalities of Star Wars Bath Robes, but seeing as you’ll be too busy wearing yours to fancy dress do’s and re-enacting iconic Star Wars moments in the khazi, we won’t bother. All yours for £49.98. Actually, call it £52.99. We are altering the deal, pray we don’t alter it any further

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