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Star Trek Potato Heads - Kirk and Klingon
  • Star Trek Potato Heads - Kirk and Klingon

Star Trek Potato Heads - Kirk and Klingon

They’re taters, but not as we know them

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    The original series of Star Trek was the best. Mr Potato Head rules. With these incontrovertible but hitherto unrelated facts firmly in mind, allow us to present a right pair of spuds, in the highly humorous shape of the Kirk and Kor Star Trek Mr Potato Heads.

    In a comedy mash up of epic proportions, Mr Potato Head has gone way beyond the final frontier because this log-shakingly cool pairing consists of Captain Kirk and his original Klingon nemesis, Kor. Re-enacting their gloriously wooden on-screen run-ins has never been easier. And seeing as William Shatner looks more like a potato every time we see him, it doesn’t take much imagination.

    As well as being given a style makeover, each spud comes with all the accoutrements associated with its on-screen character. What’s more, their interchangeable parts are compatible with all the other Star Trek Potato Heads, so you can create your own wacky characters. ‘Kor, is that the Captain’s toupee you’re wearing?’ Kirk out.

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