Star Trek Bottle Opener Gift Set
  • Star Trek Bottle Opener Gift Set

Star Trek Bottle Opener Gift Set

To boldly booze…

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    large bottle opener

    The large bottle opener

    Impressing fellow Star Trek fans at parties isn’t as easy as it used to be – everyone’s heard your William… Shatner… impersonation. And moaning about your dilithium crystals in an unconvincing Scottish accent is almost as passé as making that door whooshing sound every time you open the fridge. No, what you need is the Star Trek Bottle Opener Gift Set.

    Set to stun, this luxe presentation tin represents the final frontier in terms of geeky Star Trek drinking accessories because it contains two high quality bottle openers (large and small) shaped like the original Starship Enterprise. Impressed? You will be because it also contains a corkscrew resembling a Klingon Bird of Prey.

    Guaranteed to seek out pesky corks and boldly open what no openers have opened before, these stainless steel gizmos serve as constant tributes to two of the most iconic pretend spacecraft in televisual history. So what are you waiting for? Hailing frequencies are open and our transporter room (well, okay, the bloke in the warehouse) is ready to energize.

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