Stainless Steel Playing Cards
  • Stainless Steel Playing Cards

Stainless Steel Playing Cards

Sharp cards for card sharps

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    Crafted from high-grade stainless steel; think of these as the samurai swords of playing cards, although they’re far less deadly and don’t require decades of training in a monastery on a Japanese hillside to use. On second thought, perhaps they’re more like the luxury car of the playing card world; except you can’t fill them with supermodels and drive around Monaco with the top down, laughing at the poor.

    Queen of Hearts

    The Queen of Duisburg

    Poker hand

    Nice hand. Fat thumb.

    Presentation box

    Somerset, what's in the box?

    OK, so they’re just playing cards. Yeah, 'just' the most gorgeously designed, most painstakingly crafted playing cards ever designed by the crafty hands of mankind. Meticulously etched with a unique contemporary design based on the classic English style, these heavyweight cards are presented in a lovely black needle cord box for storage or show. Snap!

    For a great gift for a high roller or an impressive way to really shuffle things around at your next poker night, deck yourself out with the Stainless Steel Playing Cards. They’re a sure bet.

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