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Stainless Steel Hip Flask

    Stainless Steel Hip Flask

    Anytime, anyplace, anywhere

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      Growing up, it always seemed that hip flasks were only carried by roguish types on TV and in films, who would add a hearty nip to a steaming mug of something or other. Admittedly, the ability to make every coffee an Irish one is a pleasant thought. There are, however, other times and places where a hip flask is very welcome indeed.

      A swig of something warming while out walking, or when wet and shivering in the noble cause of watching live sport, is a very good idea. In fact, a hip flask was born to combat crappy British weather. There is no shame in showing off this hip flask. It is beautifully crafted from stainless steel, and has the gentle curve that lets it sit nicely in an inside or trouser pocket.

      The greatest feature of this hip flask – well, the only other feature apart from the alcohol-holding one – is that a hinged arm holds the lid once it has been unscrewed. So even though you may have lost a few of your faculties and a fair chunk of your dignity thanks to the ingestion of 200ml of spirits, one thing you can't lose is the lid.

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