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Exclusive Deals

Stainless Steel Collapsible Shot Glass

Drink until you collapse

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  • Beautifully made collapsible way to enjoy a tipple
  • Impress your peers with a more refined approach to boozing
  • Fits snugly in your pocket for a more elegant drink on the hoof
Swigging straight from the bottle is a bit 'try-hard'. Sharing a tartan flask is a bit OAP. Hip flasks are a decent bet, but you're still swigging direct from the neck. It's not very cultured. Not very gentlemanly (or gentleladyly). There must be another way.

There is another way.

The Stainless Steel Collapsible Shot Glass is that way. Beautifully made of stainless steel and skilful design, this collapsible companion is your perfect alcohol accomplice. Now you can secrete this sexy object upon your person and use it to impress all around you. Take off the lid, extend the body, fill it, drink it, collapse and re-stash. You're like a semi inebriated James Bond!

A must have for the short on space and low on merriness. Carry in your pocket, bag or bindle for a perfect plush picnic or nice bit of tasty travel toasting. Salut!

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