• Stack-Cups™


Trays? For beers? Pah!

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    Carrying 6 pints is a doddle

    How many full beer glasses can you carry without a tray? Two? Three? Four? Goodness, what freakish fingers you must have. Either that or you’re a booze-guzzling octopus. We digress. The point is you needn’t worry about making multiple trips to and from the bar because Stack-Cups™ are here.

    Already causing a storm at festivals, these durable plastic 500ml glasses feature a unique patented handle that enables you to safely stack ‘em in a spiral pattern, one on top of the other. Clever, eh! The number of drinks you can carry depends only on your confidence and strength. Indeed the record is currently 25 full Stack-Cups™. (Yes, of course we’re trying to break it.)


    Carry a whole round in one go!

    Recyclable, re-usable and washable, Stack-Cups come in packs of six so you can start stacking and racking immediately. Use them at house parties, BBQs, boozy bashes or any other occasion where walking around with at least six full cups will impress. And let’s be honest, that could be pretty much anywhere. So what are you waiting for? Get ‘em in!

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