Summer Sale 2018
  • Squishables


Plump Plushes

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  • Cuddle up with these bulbous bedroom behemoths
  • As fat and spherical as they are cute
  • Three incredibly chunky creatures to choose from
  • Replace your pile of cuddly toys with one massive one instead
  • Made from an extraordinarily soft polyester fibre
  • Get an extremely unfair advantage in pillow fights


Remember when you were younger and everything seemed bigger? The world just felt like a better place; a happier place filled with awe and wonder. Well, the moment you grasp one of these phenomenally large Squishables, all of those long-forgotten emotions will come flooding back.

This pair of bulging bedroom behemoths look like they've been grossly over-fed at the stuffing factory; each of them with a portly diameter of 15".

Choose from:
  • An easygoing Narwhal that's so bulbous he's beginning to dwarf his own glorious golden horn
  • A lovable boss-eyed Worrible, created by Andrew Bell of 'Creatures in my Head' fame; this roly-poly critter is genetically engineered to absorb human anxiety and turn it into calming excretion so that you can squeeze your troubles away
  • Everyone's favourite three-headed mythical guard dog, Cerberus, only this time he's sealing the gates of the underworld with his spherical physique
These colossal cuddly toys are ridiculously soft; perfect for curling up with or making sure that you've always got the upper hand in a pillow fight (particularly the Narwhal, that horn is lethal).

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