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Sputnik Horseradish Vodka
  • Sputnik Horseradish Vodka

Sputnik Horseradish Vodka

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    Sputnik Horseradish Vodka

    Of all the rich and exotic flavours they could have mixed into their famous vodka, we’re not sure what inspired Sputnik to try horseradish. But they’ve really hit on something! Sputnik Horseradish Vodka has the warming notes of their signature spirit with a fiery horseradish kick.

    Made in Russia from hand-picked organic horseradishes, this superior tipple makes an excellent accompaniment to beef dishes. Drink it chilled and neat (as the Russians do) or use it to spice up your favourite cocktails. Word around the Firebox Bar is that it makes a mean Bloody Mary – hold the tabasco ‘til you’ve tried it.
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