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Sprig Kinetic Toys

The future of fun?

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    Sprig Kinetic Toys

    Interactive characters!

    If you've got pre-school kids your home is probably overflowing with planet-hating plastic playthings and landfill-loving batteries. So why not redress the balance and say sorry to Mother Nature with some Sprig Toys.

    Totally revolutionary, these eco-friendly vehicles smell like wood but are actually made from a new, ultra durable bio-material called Sprigwood, a composite of recycled wood and reclaimed plastic. Green Machines? Too right.

    Not just ordinary toys...

    Sprig Kinetic Toys

    Made of recyclable material!

    Lights up...

    and plays sound!

    But what about the batteries, we hear you ask? No need, because all the lights and sounds are powered by ingenious kinetic push and pump energy. Of course, all this eco business would be pretty irrelevant if the toys didn't cut the mustard funwise, but thankfully they do. Big time.

    Sprig Kinetic Toys

    No batteries - push to build up
    the power!

    At the heart of the Sprig Adventure Series is the rumbling Discover Rig. This sturdy push-powered jeep comes with its own Adventure Guide called Captain Faraday - a nifty little plug 'n' play character pre-loaded with tales of his Secret Safari. Pushing the vehicle brings this clever fella to life as he delights kids with stories, sings songs and shows the way with his glowing hardhat - all without batteries. Wow!

    Which one's which?...

    Sprig Kinetic Toys

    From L-R: The Rally Racer, Discover Rig and Baja Scout

    If little ones want to hear new stories and songs there are other Adventure Guides to collect. There are also two little sidekick vehicles available, the Baja Scout and the Rally Racer. These funky, pump-powered off-roaders come with additional LED-clad Adventure Guides: Baja Scout is driven by Miki Flinders who's pre-loaded with tales of the Outback; Rally Racer is driven by Rudi Tootin who'll tell you all about his Arctic Race. Watch them glow in their own vehicles or slot them in the Discover Rig to hear their tales of derring-do.

    Sprig Kinetic Toys

    Lots of adventures already loaded onto the characters!

    If you're concerned about the environmental impact of batteries and plastic you could always teach your kids to knit yoghurt and make them play with dull wooden playthings whilst listening to Al Gore speeches. Alternatively, give 'em a Sprig Toy. They're the future of fun...naturally!

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