Firebox 20th Birthday
Spray Chalk
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Spray Chalk

Chalk up another one

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    Spray Chalk

    Get creative without being naughty

    Chalk in a can? Next they will produce squeezey wood. But it’s true and we’ve never had so much fun without waking up with a hangover.

    Each aerosol has 150ml of chalk for you to spray on almost any surface you like without damaging it. So let your creative mind free and 'get up' without getting picked up by the old bill*.

    Here at Firebox Towers we’ve sprayed directions on the floor to the photocopier, moustaches on the mirrors, fat Santas on the windows and got creative with a Banksy-esq stencil on the pavement outside.

    Six colours available:
    6 colours







    Spray Chalk

    Mark out sports pitches too

    If you’re the sporty type, no need to use bags and old jumpers as corner flags as you can even spray courts and pitches on grass. Save the verbal disputes and look like a pro, as long as you can spray straight that is.

    Made by the country that bought you the jet engine and quantum mechanics and Bratwursts it’s sure to go down in the history books. Now time to colour in those concrete cows.

    *We cannot endorse defacing public or other people’s property

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