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Spotlight Torch

The car lighter light!

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    We're all over things that are small and powerful: Fisherman's Friends, Nik Nak from The Man with the Golden Gun, and this brilliant little torch, to name but three! The Spotlight is the friend for drivers who don't want to get caught out in the dark: it charges straight from your motor's cigarette lighter socket so it's always ready to go - especially handy when your motor is refusing to!

    Spotlight Torch: Titanium

    Spotlight Torch: Titanium coloured

    Spotlight guarantees to be at hand for all your badly-lit nightmare scenarios, from finding the festival toilets to lashing down rogue guy-ropes at five in the morning.

    Spotlight Torch: Red

    Water tight!

    Best of all for outdoor types, the Spotlight is fully submersible in water too. From changing a tyre during a monsoon to executing elaborate James Bond-style aquatic stunts, it won't let you down when the going gets wet - which is more than we can say for your car insurance when they hear about your 007 underwater antics…

    Spotlight Torch: Red

    Just twist to switch on

    We've all been in need of a few friendly beams when we're out and about in our cars: changing tyres, searching for lost Werther's Originals, that kind of thing. Here's your answer: a torch that's always waiting with a full charge to serve its master. If your car is a bit of a state, you'll need it even more - it's powerful enough to cut through the murk of your footwell's garbage with ease.

    Available in 4 colours:

    Spotlight Torch

    L-R: Titanium, Blue, Red and Black

    Spotlight Torch: Blue

    Tiny torch!

    It's about the same size as the old lighter from your car's socket, but potentially far more useful. After all, who wants to go through life wheezing through a coffin-nail courtesy of their car's 12V power supply? Exactly. Far better to let your engine give the Spotlight the breath of life by slotting its compact anodised aluminium body into the socket instead.

    Spotlight Torch: Red

    Charge via your car
    cigarette lighter

    Because you store Spotlight in there, it means that it's always charged up to the max and waiting to be used for any emergency. With three hours of charging giving up to one hour of light through a powerful 0.5w LED bulb, it's more than enough for any roadside crisis to be averted, just as long as that crisis involves the use of a pocket-sized torch, of course!

    Because it comes in a range of four different colours - red, black, blue, and titanium - you can match the Spotlight to your car's décor perfectly, and the cheeky red glowing indicator light will reassure even the most nervous passenger that this driver knows how to handle a crisis.

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