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    When two people attempt to listen to music from the same MP3 player they invariably end up cheek to cheek, listening in mono misery via one pair of headphones. A shame because everyone owns a pair of ‘phones. But two into one is impossible – unless you’ve got a Splitterbot.

    Despite sounding like an embarrassing medical condition, Splitterbot is here to deliver you from single input syndrome because it lets you plug two pairs of headphones into one device. Simply pull off this impossibly cute little robot’s head, plug into your player, pop your ‘phones into its eye sockets and presto!

    Splitterbot Splitterbot plugged into the iPhone Splitterbot as a keyring

    Pull off the head...

    ...and plug into your MP3 player

    A sound keyring

    Unlike similar gizmos, Splitterbot is keyring-friendly so he’ll never leave your side – unless you lose your keys, in which case listening to the latest tunes with a pal via the wonder of a dual input comedy robot will be the last thing on your mind.

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