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Splat Stan
  • Splat Stan

Splat Stan

Gulp, gulp, splat!

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    Splat Stan

    No more condensation worries

    Most drinks coasters are pretty dull, so thank goodness the creative geniuses over at Suck UK are here to save the day with Splat Stan. This silicon rubber chap is ideal for anyone with an ever-so-slightly sick sense of humour as he looks like he's just been splatted by a hefty mug or glass. It's a tough job but someone's got to do it!

    Splat Stan

    Splat's right!

    Put Splat Stan on your desk or table and you'll actually look forward to plonking down your coffee or tea on his gloriously orangey bod. What's more, this amusingly macabre designer coaster will protect surfaces from nasty ring marks and slopped liquids. And that's just as well because he's been splatted so bad he can even accommodate a pint glass. Ouch!

    Splat Stan

    Coffee rings? Pah!

    Just like his fellow unfortunate, Drop Dead Fred, Splat Stan adds a funky edge to any workspace and he's guaranteed to bring a smile to your face every time you wince at his comedy predicament.

    Speaking of comedy predicaments, this colourful figure reminds us a bit of Morph, the plasticine kiddies' TV character from yesteryear. Oh, what we'd have given to spat that annoying little...We digress. The point is Splat Stan makes a welcome change to the objects we usually place our drinks on: magazines, annual reports, pictures of the boss - anything but a proper coaster.

    Splat Stan

    Maybe it was an anvil, maybe it was a grand piano, or maybe it was a giant coffee cup - whatever the circumstances, Splat Stan appears to have unwittingly given his life for your mug placing pleasure, so it would be downright cruel not to hit the Buy button right now. Come on, what are you waiting for? Splatttt!

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