Splash Bottle Drying Rack
  • Splash Bottle Drying Rack

Splash Bottle Drying Rack

A splash of style

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    Splash Bottle Drying Rack

    Special Doodah shelf for
    the nipples!

    Most new parents can dismantle a baby bottle and wash it in a matter of seconds - bish, bash, bosh. Some can even do it in the dark. Real experts can twirl them around cocktail waiter-style whilst dancing a jig (anything to alleviate the monotony). The problem is, no matter how you fare in the bottle washing stakes, your entire kitchen inevitably becomes littered with bottle related bits and bobs. Enter the Splash Bottle Drying Rack.

    Splash Bottle Drying Rack

    Brush included!

    Ultra funky, this designer doodah has been created to keep bottle bits neatly organised and away from potentially germ-laded kitchen surfaces. It even includes an integrated rubber-gripped bottle brush so you won't have to shove a separate brush in your already overcrowded cutlery rack.

    Thanks to the space-saving Splash you can forget about trying to balance fiddly teats, valves, collars and caps amongst the pots and pans. Simply plonk them on the Splash's outstretched 'arms' and marvel at this eye-catching rack's sculptural beauty (it's true, lack of sleep does broaden the mind).

    Three colours to choose from...

    Splash Bottle Drying Rack

    Marine Blue



    Splash Bottle Drying Rack

    Play spin the bottles!

    Dishwasher-safe, the Splash Bottle Drying Rack holds up to 9 bottles so even parents with a big brood can cut down on the clutter. And you needn't worry about fumbling for bits one-handed (par for the course with a boo-hoo-ing baby) because the entire shebang rotates for easy access. It even features a removable drip tray.

    Splash Bottle Drying Rack

    Easily remove the drip tray

    A great gift for new parents and parents-to-be, the Splash isn't as cute as a dangly rattle or as amusing as a singing sheep, but thanks to its quirky shape and supreme practicality it's set to become a household favourite amongst bottle washing mums and dads everywhere.

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