Spit the Dog
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Spit the Dog

The bad mannered bow-wow is back

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    If you remember the Phantom Fan Flinger, Compost Corner and Algernon Winston Spencer Churchill Gladstone Disraeli Palmerstone Pitt the Younger Razzmatazz, you'll know that Tiswas was one of the greatest TV shows in history. You'll also know that Spit the Dog was one of its most hilarious characters.

    Spit the Dog Puppet

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    And now, thanks to your gunge-loving friends at Firebox, you can buy your very own version of the legendary spitting mutt. This plush puppet is an exact replica of the bad mannered bow-wow that sat on unfunnyman Bob Carolgees' fake arm week in week out. He even makes that famous spitting sound when you open and close his mouth. Gwapple me gwapenuts, Cwis!

    Spit the Dog Puppet

    That's just rude!

    Just think, with Spit the Dog by your side you'll be able to re-enact your favourite Spit routines and let onlookers know exactly what you think of them. Here at Firebox HQ we've taken to using Spit to display our contempt for...well, anything. 'Pass the stapler.' *spit*. 'What do you think of Coldplay's new single?' *spit*. 'How's that sarnie?' *spit*. The possibilities are endless. Yes, you'll spend all day with one hand up a dog's derriere but that only adds to the zany Tiswasness of it.

    Spit the Dog Puppet

    The original Bob Carolgees with Spit the Dog

    Speaking of Tiswas, once you stroke Spit's long silvery hair, stare into his beady little eyes and hear that guttural hawking noise, you might be tempted to impersonate Trevor McDoughnut, chuck custard pies at rock legends and sing the Ooookaaaay song in full.

    If any confused whippersnappers out there think we're overhyping the appeal of this vulgar little dog, try this on for size: the original Spit puppet fetched over £5000 when it was auctioned at Christie's back in 2004. And if that doesn't get you walloping the Buy button in a Tiswas-style frenzy, we can only assume you preferred Swap Shop. Wimp.

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