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Spirit of the 70's T-shirts
  • Spirit of the 70's T-shirts

Spirit of the 70's T-shirts

Fashion Invaders? Suits you, sir!

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    Everyone loves classic videogames. Everyone loves funky T-shirts. With this year marking the 25th anniversary of Space Invaders - the most famous video game of all - we felt it would be a most excellent idea to offer you a range of 100% cotton, officially licensed shirts featuring images from the legendary shoot-em-up.

    Space Invader Supersonic

    Space Invader "Supersonic"

    These designs tick all the right boxes in terms of style, quality, comfort and gobsmackingly gorgeous design. Each eye-poppingly attractive Joystick Junkies T-shirt pays homage to the incessant creeping madness that was Space Invaders - which, as well as being a seminal game, also featured images that have gone on to become cultural icons of a bygone era.

    As well as the classic 3-D Space Invaders logo T-shirt, we've also managed to get hold of a 'Supersonic' Space Invader T-shirt? This chic bit of garb is a retro dedication to the classic crab-like blighter that spawned a thousand playground impressions. The addition of a colourful go-faster stripe only adds to the appeal.

    Arcade Asylum

    "Arcade Asylum"

    Whichever shirt you choose, we can't overemphasise the attention you'll attract and glances you'll glean. Short of walking into the pub with a full size arcade cabinet strapped to your back, there's no better way to display your devotion to retro gaming culture. Game and fashion crisis over!

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