Spinster R/C Stunt Car

    Spinster R/C Stunt Car

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      Summer Sale £5 off! As you can imagine, it takes a pretty special radio-controlled car to impress the Firebox crew these days. We've seen hundreds of r/c vehicles over the years and so we weren't really expecting anything out of the ordinary when the Spinster arrived. We were of course very, very wrong.

      When stationary, it looks like any other radio-controlled buggy - but once in motion you instantly appreciate the genius of its invention. It's only a simple twist (pun intended) but pivoting its front wheels open up a whole new world of radio-controlled stunt-driving fun.

      Rather than simple turn left and right, the pivoting front wheels mean the Spinster can pull wheelies and literally turn on the spot. It takes a while to master the art of the subtle turn - chucking a hard right or left whilst speeding along will generally flip the car over onto its back. That's no problem, though - as a quick flick of the controller left or right will turn the Spinster back the right way up again.

      The roof-mounted wheels come in handy when you're pulling wheelies and they also give some much needed support when the Spinster lands on its roof after being rolled.

      Skirting boards and work productivity beware.

      Watch the Spinster Stunt Car in action!
      Righting itself...
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      A few tricks...
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      Videos shot with Pocket DV Camcorder.

      Get started with some easy stunts...

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