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      To be perfectly honest, word games have never really been our thing. Fair play, Scrabble is a classic and Hangman can always be relied upon to alleviate the boredom (which, when you're surrounded by as many cutting-edge games, gadgets and gizmos as us, is a rare phenomenon). But entertaining as they are, both of these games are as old as the hills. Even Boggle has lost its novelty factor by now...

      Spinergy Timer

      The point being, there hasn't really been a truly contagious word game for a while – except of course for Countdown, which doesn't count as its charm is 100% reliant on bumbling Richard Whiteley, a man whose excruciatingly embarrassing antics demand to be watched through your fingers.

      Spinergy Discs

      Anyway, as you can imagine, we were less than enthusiastic when our buyers started raving about a new game called Spinergy. But thankfully, one quick go at this genre-redefining masterpiece and we were hopelessly hooked. Basically Spinergy involves creating scenarios, songs, tongue twisters, chat-up lines, poems and countless other things from a series of random words generated by its innovative, roulette-style word rings.

      Scenario Cards

      Once you've been given three completely unrelated words you then pick a Scenario Card, which tells you what you have to incorporate them into – anything from a song or limerick to a mock resignation speech. With over 1.5 billion combinations of play, Spinergy will keep you entertained for aeons and the hugely varied gameplay means it possesses that all important "just one more go" factor in spades.

      Spinergy is all set to take the games world by Trivial Pursuit-style storm, so here are three words to get you started: Buy. One. Now!

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