Spine Tingler Massager
  • Spine Tingler Massager

Spine Tingler Massager

I'm picking up good vibrations...

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    Everybody likes being massaged, especially on the head and neck. It's one of life's most exquisite diversions. In fact, the art of massage has been around forever - the first scribblings referring to the subject can be traced back to 3000BC. The therapeutic benefits of massage are countless - rumour has it Julius Caesar used massage therapy to relieve his neuralgia, and Sigmund Freud used it to treat hysteria.

    And if it's good enough for the last dictator of Rome and the beardy father of psychoanalysis, it's good enough for us. The trouble is, unless you're willing to hire a personal masseuse/masseur (whichever tickles your fancy), the chances of persuading a willing partner to let their fingers do the walking on a regular basis are extremely slim. Plus, there are times when you just want to be alone. So how do you expertly massage your own head without wearing out your fingers and looking like Stan Laurel in the process? Easy, you get to grips with our electrifyingly relaxing Pink Head Massager.

    Granted, this bizarre-looking device resembles something Penelope Pitstop might use to do her hair with, but it is actually the most incredibly soothing battery-operated head massager we've ever had the pleasure to play with. And play with. And play with.

    And what a pleasure! Ten slender metal fingers deliver delightfully rapturous vibes to places you may well have forgotten existed. The stimulating tingles are so agreeable you'll be in seventh heaven floating on cloud nineÂ…no, forget that, you'll be in eight heaven floating on cloud ten! This tranquil sensation really has to be experienced first-hand to be fully appreciated, because trying to describe a feeling so uniquely soothing is a bit like trying to describe a colour that's never been seen.

    The Pink Head Massager is a perfect gift for lovers of indescribable pleasure and fans of feel-good, deep tingling massage therapy. And that means you! Oooooh me 'ead!

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