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Spike - Personal Urban Pet

    Spike - Personal Urban Pet

    ManÂ’s new best friend

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      Summer Sale £10 off! The city can be a lonely place, not to mention an intimidating one. What you need is a pet, but not just any old pet. You need a companion whoÂ’s prepared for the pitfalls that life in the urban jungle can throw up and one that looks the part so potential aggressors think twice before trifling with you.

      Well, look no further, as we at Firebox bring you Spike, the Personal Urban Pet. Not only is Spike an entertaining little chap with his barking and precision back-flips, heÂ’s also a truly terrifying beast to behold. With his spiked collar and black velour coat, he comes across like some sort of canine urban ninja, although that face is something else, giving him the look of the son of Kermit the frog and a particularly mad rottweiler

      Spike - Personal Urban Pet When heÂ’s not scaring the natives witless, Spike likes nothing more than to perform a few tricks for his master (or one particular trick ad infinitum). He sidles along, stops for a second to emit a couple of shrill barks (or squeaks), parks his behind, before leaping backwards through the air and landing back on his feet. He may be a one-trick pony, but what a trick!

      Another bonus of your P.U.P is the fact that thereÂ’s none of the tiresome chores youÂ’d usually expect when saddling yourself with a pet, like feeding and watering it. All Spike requires is a set of fresh batteries every once in a while, plus the odd walk and heÂ’ll provide you with years of loyal service.

      Spike - Personal Urban Pet IsnÂ’t it time you shared your life with someone special? And what better special someone than a furry robot dog? Just imagine the fun youÂ’ll have together as you help each other through the good, bad, and frankly dire times. Think of the jealous looks youÂ’ll get as you parade him round the streets of a weekend. Think of the boundless love and affection he has to give. You owe it to yourself.

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