Spiderpodium Tablet
  • Spiderpodium Tablet

Spiderpodium Tablet

Itsy bitsy Spider(podium)

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    Spiderpodium Tablet

    Mould to hold landscape

    Perched like some kind of rearing arachnid, the Spiderpodium Tablet will easily keep your tablet (or other large object) stable and safe, no matter where you rest it.

    The multiple joints allow for infinite positions, and even better, mean that you don’t even need a flat surface to rest your device on. Built to handle constant use and regular reshaping, the steel inner and ‘SoftTouch’ rubberised outer is both non-slip and sturdy.

    Available in a matte finish Black or Grey, the Spiderpodium – just like its smaller cousin – is incredibly lightweight and easily folded flat for travel. Plus, don’t let its name fool you; it’ll happily support all manner of large devices.

    Is your spidey sense tingling? Time your tablet got a new stand.

    Spiderpodium Tablet

    ...and they kind of look like spiders.

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