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Spider Spud
  • Spider Spud

Spider Spud

Friendly neighbourhood... er, potato

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    Spider Spud

    From zero to hero... to tater!

    Let's be honest, Spider-Man is by far the coolest superhero. Sweet costume, slick moves, hot girlfriend, smart one-liners - he's got it all. That said, we're not sure how he'd fair if he were a potato.

    The reason we're wondering is because Mr Potato Head, that lovable plastic spud who just loves dressing up, can now be transformed into your friendly neighborhood webslinger. No, we have no idea either!

    Spider Spud

    Transform your spud!

    Well actually we do, because we've carried out exhaustive research (okay we read the box) into how Spider-Man got mixed up with a jovial root vegetable. Apparently, when Peter Parker Potato was bitten by a radioactive spider, he became - wait for it - Spider Spud! With eyes for trouble, this tubby webslinger uses his starchy strength to mash out evil and save the day. As you do.

    Spider Spud

    Go crazy!

    As well as his snazzy outfit, clip-on section of freshly-slung web and funky blue boots, Spider Spud comes with a whole heap of Peter Parker Potato accoutrements, including nerdy glasses, ears, nose and teeth. This means you can mix and match all the parts to create your own wacky looks. It's like something out of crazy comic book. Hold on, it is!

    Spider Spud
    With Spider Spud, adding potato-based slants to your favorite Spidey/Peter Parker quotes has never been such fun (well okay, it's never been done at all). 'With great power comes great baked taters.' The possibilities are truly, erm, limited.

    Spider Spud

    With great powers
    come cool toys!

    As well as making a great desktop companion for any potato-loving Spider-Man fan (i.e. everyone) Spider Spud is strangely compelling; we guarantee you'll be unable to resist rearranging his pieces every time you see him. This is my gift, my curse. Who am I? I'm Spider-Spud.
    Spider Spud

    Includes: 1x Potato Body, 1x Pair of Shoes, 1x Glasses, 1x Eyes, 1x Nose, 2x Ears, 2x Arms, 1x set of Teeth, 1x Spider Shades, 1x Spider Web
    and 1x Spider Suit

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