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Spi-Dog and Venom
  • Spi-Dog and Venom

Spi-Dog and Venom

Friendly neighbourhood robodog

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    Spi-Dog and Venom


    A robotic dog is weird enough. A robotic dancing dog is plain bizarre. So imagine how utterly surreal a robotic dancing dog dressed as Spiderman is. Spi-Dog is the alter-ego of the ever-popular music-loving interactive mutt, iDog. But this particular pooch wears the ultra-cool threads of everyone's favourite friendly neighbourhood webslinger. And if good dogs aren't your thing you can go for Spi-Dog's evil (but snazzy) enemy symbiote, Venom.

    Spi-Dog and Venom


    As well as doing whatever a Spider can (aside from all that catching thieves just like flies business) Spi-Dog develops one of three personalities according to the kind of music he hears. He even functions as a speaker for your audio player. A kind of woof-woofer, if you will. Simply plug his lead (well, connector cord) into the headphone jack of your audio device (CD player, stereo, MP3, computer, etc.) and let the superhero doggie disco commence.

    Spi-Dog and Venom

    Spi-Dog's speaker

    Headphone jack

    Venom's speaker

    Spi-Dog and Venom

    Flashing lights

    A series of multicoloured lights on Spi-Dog's masked mug show how he is feeling. Blue light means he needs a musical fix; too much music and the light patterns will indicate that he is ecstatic; ignore him and they will indicate that he is bored. And there was us thinking superheroes were all selfless and humble.

    Spi-Dog and Venom

    Plug him in, and watch him do his thing!

    In keeping with the whole 'spider sense' business, Spi-Dog also reacts to movement. Stroking his head or touching his nose makes him happy and you can also discipline him by touching his tail - although this might make him growl. Spi-Dog can also use his built-in microphone to listen and react to music from an outside source. We tried the opening bars of the old Spiderman theme and he immediately began nodding his head and waggling his ears in appreciation.

    This hi-tech dog/crimefighter is an ideal desktop companion for music-loving Spidey fans and aficionados of kitsch gadgetry (if such a niche exists). Okay, he can't really do whatever a spider can, but at least he knows a good tune when he hears one. All together now, 'Spiderman, SpidermanÂ…'

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