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    One of the most keenly anticipated UK releases of 2012, Sphero the robotic ball gaming system is now rolling internationally with rave reviews.

    But frankly, at first glance we weren’t sure what to make of it. On the one hand, it’s a ball; no buttons, no propellers, not a trigger or Gummi flavoured accessory in sight. But then you shake it and Sphero begins to glow softly in your hand. So you put it on the ground and fire up one of the several free Apps and this strange little glowing orb reveals itself to be a rather remarkable robot.

    Download some great free apps to use with Sphero:
    App 1

    Color Grab

    App 2


    App 3


    Utilising the same kind rocket-science maths used by NASA during one of the many Apollo Missions - presumably one of the more successful ones – this is one smart little sphere. Plus, we’re not sure if you heard, but President Obama is a big fan, and we all love a good Presidential endorsement. After all, they never make bad decisions.

    Sphero works with both iOS and Android systems, using a Bluetooth network ranging up to an outstanding 50 feet. It even charges hassle-free in an induction cradle. There are several official Apps already available and more in the pipeline, plus with the open API all you clever coders out there can actually make your own games, meaning the fun’s just beginning.

    This kind of technology used to be reserved for sci-fi novels and mad scientists in secret labs but now everyone can have super-smart, beautiful robot balls. If you’ve been holding out for a Sphero, your wait is over.

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