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Sphero Battle-worn BB-8 and Force Band

The force is strong in this one

Product not available at the moment.
  • A special collectors edition battle-scarred BB-8 bundle
  • Control your loyal droid with a few Jedi-esque hand gestures
  • Create and view your own holographic messages
  • Watch 'The Force Awakens' and see BB-8 react to key scenes
  • Use the Force Band to discover and collect digital relics
When the guys at Sphero created the original BB-8 they hadn't actually seen 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' – little did they know that everyone's favourite new droid isn't exactly sparkly clean and pristine. He/she/it's been rolling around the sands of Jakku getting into all sorts of scrapes and imperial entanglements, so it's only fitting that Sphero has forged this collectors edition Battle-worn BB-8 bundle.

To take your droid-handling experience to the next level, this rugged incarnation of BB-8 is exclusively available with the Star Wars Force Band. Just strap it on and you can instantly control your droid with a series of sweeping, Jedi-esque hand gestures. It connects to your Sphero BB-8 via Bluetooth and uses an internal accelerometer to accurately map your hand movements. Thrust your hand forward to send BB-8 into driving mode, turn your palm down and BB-8 will look away from you, up and it'll look back at you. Words can only go so far in explaining just how satisfying this is.

When you're not masterfully controlling your droid, the Force Band can harness the force in a number of other exciting ways. In the Force Awareness mode the band will periodically alert you to disturbances in the force; by following light cues and vibrations you'll be able to uncover digital relics nearby and collect them in a smartphone app. It's a bit like Pokemon Go – only you're a Jedi master. The Combat Training mode lets you use the band to wield virtual weapons like Blasters and Lightsabers – emitting an array of sound effects and vibrations as you swing and shoot them.

Just like the original Sphero BB-8; you can watch your droid explore autonomously or guide it yourself with your smartphone or tablet, create and view holographic recordings and even watch 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' with BB-8 and see him respond to certain scenes. This loyal (and grubby) droid and the unhinged power of the force are the greatest galactic partnership since R2D2 and C-3PO.

"This is not the droid you're looking for. You tripped over by yourself. I can go about my business. You will clean up the broken vase. Move along."

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