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Sphero BB-8 with Droid Trainer

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Sphero BB-8 with Droid Trainer
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  • Perfect for BB-8 owners who don't have space to let him roam
  • Holographic simulations let you explore the Star Wars galaxy with BB-8
  • Controlled by your smartphone, voice or Force Band accessory
  • Authentic movement – rolls just like on-screen
  • Watch Star Wars with BB-8 and it'll react to key scenes
  • Interacts with other Star Wars app-enabled Sphero droids
Not everyone has the space to let their BB-8 roll free, whilst others don't yet possess the driving skills to successfully navigate common household obstacles (chair legs, excitable cats etc.). This is where the new Droid Trainer comes into play.

Think of it like a mini treadmill for your droid – just place your Sphero BB-8 onto the compact platform, open the free app on your smartphone, point your device at the droid and you're ready to begin a new adventure.

Using the power of holographic simulations, you can easily guide BB-8 around iconic ship interiors and memorable locations from the Star Wars saga.

Naturally you can still do all the other cool BB-8 stuff you know and love (driving around, interacting with other droids etc.) we just wanted to give you the low-down on the awesome new Droid Trainer accessory.

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