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Speedminton S200 Set
  • Speedminton S200 Set

Speedminton S200 Set

Like badminton, but good(minton)

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    The unique racket is light and sturdy

    Badminton is an exciting, high-speed game of skill and reflexes. The only problem is, it’s impossible to play anywhere there’s a breath of wind. And that huge net makes it hard to play on a whim. So this brilliant game usually ends up relegated to the loneliest corner of the leisure centre, played by freakishly tall (and equally lonely) types. Well the game deserves more. And these people need sunshine.

    That’s why we’re getting behind Speedminton and the Speedminton S200 Set. Just like badminton, this game uses racquets and an ever-so-whappable projectile. However, the racquets are bigger, the shuttle is heavier and there are no fixed rules. So it’s easy to pick up and perfect for playing outdoors – in the park, in the garden, at the beach, anywhere!

    But don’t go thinking this is just badminton for the lifestyle crowd. The heavier shuttle (or Speeder) means you can play over far greater distances, with greater accuracy. Instead of a net, it’s all about landing the Speeder in your opponent’s square. Make your squares using the included brightly coloured straps (or do what we do and use your jumpers). If the breeze picks up you can add Wind Rings to your Speeder to give it extra weight. And when the sun sets you can even add a glow-stick-style Speedlight for playing in the dark.

    set on sand

    Perfect to take to the beach

    led glow

    Play at night

    playing on rooftop

    Or something more extreme!

    So forget the frisbee, ditch the wooden bat and ball and turn your sun-tanned back on the foisty leisure centre. Speedminton’s your game now. You can thank us tomorrow morning.

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