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Speeding Grandads
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Speeding Grandads

Oldies but goodies

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    It's not often a grandad deserves a speeding ticket. An annoyingly slow ticket, maybe; a towing-a-caravan-in-the-overtaking-lane, perhaps. But a speeding ticket, no way.

    Speeding Grandads
    Then again it's not retired car drivers you need to look out for. It's the elderly gentlemen who drive those nippy little electric scooters. You know, the things that whizz along the pavement at devil-may-care speeds with complete impunity.

    Speeding Grandads

    Pull back and watch 'em go.

    But why wait until you're a pensioner to race around in a codgermobile when you can play with Speeding Grandads right now? These hilarious clockwork codgers have their very own mobility scooters. Simply pull back (like an old-style friction toy) and watch 'em go.

    Speeding Grandads
    With their fixed grins and oxygen tanks, Speeding Grandads are guaranteed to raise a titter. And that's before you've seen them whizzing along your desktop or careering around the floor. Just place your bets and it's first past the finishing post (well okay, the stapler).

    An ideal pressie for (old) boy racers, Speeding Grandads make great desktop companions, and they're perfect for settling office disputes (first grandad to the water cooler buys the sandwiches etc). They're also great gifts for any dads, grandads or uncles with a decent sense of humour. And if older recipients fail to see the funny side it might be worth reminding them to be nice to younger relatives. After all, we'll probably select the nursing home they end up in. Ha!

    Speeding Grandads

    Place your bets.

    Speeding Grandads are so amusing we've taken to giving ours nicknames: there's Damon (over the) Hill, Nigel (old) Mansell and even Stirling Fossil. But you don't need daft names to become addicted to these silly old geezers. Like the saying goes: we don't stop playing because we get old; we get old because we stop playing. Vroom, vroom!

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