Speech Bubble Light Box
  • Speech Bubble Light Box
  • Speech Bubble Light Box
  • Speech Bubble Light Box

Speech Bubble Light Box

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  • Shine a little light on your messages
  • Personalise it with your own messages and announcements
  • Powered by batteries so you can put it anywhere
  • Comes with a dry-wipe marker and a handy A4 stencil
  • Can be stood comfortably on flat surfaces or mounted on the wall


There's no denying that 'Cinema Light Boxes' are the ambient lighting trend of the moment, but we know that not everyone loves movies or wants to faff around with acetate letters so we've introduced the Speech Bubble Light Box – the most fun and stylish way to get your message across.
  • On the bathroom mirror – You ARE the fairest of them all!
  • Next to the goldfish bowl – I'm so lonely
  • Above the microwave – For the love of god, somebody clean me!
Just get scribbling with the included marker and simply wipe it away when you fancy changing the message up. Don't worry if you've been blessed with the handwriting skills of a walrus because this light box comes bundled with a handy A4 stencil that's packed with letters, numbers and symbols.

It's powered by batteries so you can put it anywhere, designed to be both free-standing, wall mountable... or held up next to your face like an actual speech bubble. Perfect for scrawling important announcements, motivational quotes or just a reminder for your other half that it's their turn to take out the bins.

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  • "I'm not scared of the dark! I just like to illuminate my genius quotes I've said so I don't forget."
    Aaron - 9th of November, 2016